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The up-to-date digital world can’t do without top-notch video content, so it is of crucial meaning. That way, each site or platform strives to boost quality and YouTube is not an exception. Constant server updates and 4K video encoding come to the rescue in this case. Still, such performance impacts downloading speed making it slower. So still, more and more users have started searching for video converters.

Such tools provide you access to video content offline so that you may convert it into the comfiest format. But with a great converter variety on the market, which one is worth utilizing?Today we will cover the most convenient and fastest online YouTube Video Converter options in 2022 with all their benefits included. Let’s study them in-depth.

Snap Downloader

Having explored this year’s hottest YouTube converters, this one is the evident leader. Owing to a user-friendly, uncomplicated interface and first-class produced quality SnapDownloader will make your video-converting experience the most comfortable and trouble-free ever. Besides, getting video content downloaded on any Windows or macOS is lightning-fast, and you may even opt for the requisite quality and trim the exact video portions you wish to get. SnapDownloader will benefit you with the following features:

  • 8K resolution support
  • Uploading from approximately 900 sites and platforms
  • YouTube searching 
  • Setting up the favored size in one-click uploading
  • Incorporated video-trimmer
  • Private video and playlist uploaded with no account signing into


If you prefer speed and hate registration processes or sign-ups, Y2mate is just the thing. This YouTube Video Converter is quicker than the rest and may reformat any video and audio content in a few clicks. The big pro is that it suits all web browsers and performs Youtube video-converting in 3 simple steps: copying the wishful video URL, pasting it into the Y2mate interface and clicking the Start. 

Moreover, this app interacts with famous platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others and has no downloading restrictions. Here you will also come upon a highly simple-to-use interface and the internal library of the earlier uploaded content. And what is the most pleasant, Y2mate, is entirely unchargeable. 


Another perfect YouTube to MP4 video converter choice is Converto. Its interface is not complex and ensures no peculiar specs in editing videos. Still, the tool specializes in uploading and making files converted to MP3 or MP4 formats, getting out the best of it. Like the previous app, it performs files fast to download from YouTube via links and enables formatting files in several minutes without additional software. Below-mentioned Converto’s benefits can doubtless advantage you:

  • Free usage
  • Incorporated video trimmer 
  • Quality customization before uploading
  • Online availability and compatibility with any web browser
  • The filename editing
  • Over 15 languages support

aTube Catcher

The last but not least essential tool for YouTube video formatting is aTube Catcher. It stands out from the crowd with a multifaceted video & audio bootloader. The superior file converting is accessible on both Windows and Mac devices due to the versatile interface with varied conversion options. If you go for aTube Catcher, such features await you:

  • Fitting nearly 40 file formatting types
  • Screen recorded and audio captured
  • Incorporated video and audio editing
  • Cluster file processing
  • In-built DVD-recorder
  • Uncharged usage

Final Thoughts

The digital market is crowded with a diversity of YouTube video converters, and we have chosen the leading ones. Considering your business goals and each converter offered opportunities, you will find your cup of tea without a doubt. So give one of these apps a try and enjoy the desired results right now.